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At CMICA our one overriding aim is for you to “BE YOUR BEST” as a cricketer.

CMICA provides expert instruction in all areas of cricket - Coach Profiles

  • Bowling - Pace and spin
  • Batting
  • Keeping
  • Fielding - a big focus for us, correct throwing mechanics and body position - generally an area that is often neglected.
  • Sports Psychology
  • Nutrition
  • Strength and Conditioning

Craig McDermott, the head of CMICA has been involved in international cricket - as a player and coach for about 30 years. In that time, Craig has just about seen it all when comes to coaching and developing cricket skills. Craig knows what works and knows what doesn’t work.

Craig McDermott’s time in cricket has given him the opportunity to play with and against some of the very best in the game – as well see some of the great coaches at work. Craig has built some wonderful relationships with many of these great players and coaches.

So how does that effect you?

Through those relationships, Craig McDermott, has brought together a brains trust of true experts to significantly accelerate your development as a cricketer.

But one warning - it still takes hard work.
The choice is yours - work hard hoping you’re on the right track - or work hard knowing you’re on the right track.

Coaching Philosophy

Some of the basic principles of game haven’t changed since WG Grace in the late 1800’s. Unfortunately some of the modern coaching ignores these principles.

CMICA focuses heavily on getting the correct fundamentals in place. Performance is key but equally important is injury prevention.

At CMICA, we have a saying “practice makes permanent – you get what you practice”. Everything we do develops habits and habits can be very hard to break.

CMICA wants to make sure that you develop good habits from the very beginning.

If we practice poorly – bad habits develop and performance suffers. Bad habits not only limit your performance but can lead to injuries which further derail your progress.

Sometimes a “quick fix” now leads to problems down the track.

At CMICA, we aim to ensure that you develop your skills in a systematic manner that avoids the “quick fix” pitfall.

For you this means the earlier the corrections, the easier the transition, and the sooner you get to where you want to be.

Cricket Coaches - batting Australia - CMICA

Greg Chappell

  • One of Australia’s greatest ever cricketers
  • Former Australian Test Captain, 87 test matches 7,110 runs @ 53.86
  • National Talent Manager for Australian Cricket
  • Former coaching roles - India, Qld and SA, consultant to Pakistan National Cricket Academy
  • Former Australian Selector

Cricket Coaches - Batting- CMICA

Stuart Law

  • Queensland’s all-time leading run scorer First-Class cricket - more than 27,000 runs
  • Most successful captain in Australian Domestic Cricket
  • Current Queensland Coach - Bulls and Brisbane Heat
  • Former Coaching roles include - Australian Batting Coach, Sri Lanka interim coach, Bangladesh National coach

Batting Coaches - Cricket Coaches Australia

Matthew Mott

  • Former First-Class Batsman (Qld and Victoria) – 66 matches, over 3700 runs
  • Head Coach New South Wales, Glamorgan
  • Assistant Coach Australia Under-19 World Cup (2005), Kolkata Knight Riders (IPL)

Cricket Coaches - Batting Coaching - CMICA

Michael Di Venuto

  • Former First-Class Batsman (Tasmania, Australia One-Day) over 24,000 runs
  • Australian Batting Coach

Craig McDermott

  • Former Australian Pace Bowler
  • 70 Tests - 291 wickets @28.63, best bowling 8/97 against England in 1991.
  • 138 One-day games - 203 one-day wickets @24.71, best bowling 5/44.
  • Current Australian Assistant Coach

Ryan Harris

  • Australian Pace Bowler
  • 24 Tests – 103 wickets @ 22.56

Stuart MacGill

  • Former Australian leg spinner
  • 44 Tests – 208 wickets @ 29.02
  • Consultant spin coach at National Cricket Centre

Nathan Lyon

  • Australian off spinner
  • 33 Tests – 112 wickets @ 32.99

Geoff Lawson

  • Former Australian Pace Bowler
  • 36 Tests – 180 wickets @ 30.56
  • Current NSW Bowling Coach
  • Former coach of Pakistan and Kochi Tuskers Kerala (IPL)

Chris Swan

  • Former Queensland Pace Bowler
  • 31 Matches - 101 wickets @ 25.92
  • Queensland Fast Bowling Coach

Ian Healy

  • Former Australian Wicketkeeper
  • 119 Tests - 4,356 runs and ended with 395 dismissals
  • Held the world record for most Test dismissals by a wicket-keeper
  • Wicketkeeper in the Australian Cricket Board’s team of the 20th century.

Peter Anderson

  • Former first-class wicketkeeper (56 first-class matches for Qld and SA)
  • Coach of the newly established Afghanistan National Cricket Academy in Kabul
  • Former Papua New Guinea coach

Gavin Fitness

  • Former first-class wicketkeeper for Queensland
  • Queensland Fielding & Wicket Keeping Coach

Tim Coyle

  • Former first-class wicketkeeper for Tasmania
  • Assistant coach of Australian women's team
  • Former Tasmanian Coach (Coached first Shield win)

Andrew Symonds

  • Former Australian Cricket Team All Rounder
  • 26 Tests – 1,462 runs @ 40.61, 24 wickets @ 37.33
  • Over 14,000 first class runs, 242 first class wickets
  • Notable for his exceptional fielding skills

Chris Simpson

  • Former Captain of Queensland Bulls (4 years)
  • 57 matches – 1,791 runs and 47 wickets

John Davison

  • Former captain of Canada & First class player (Vic and SA)
  • Australian spin coach
  • Former Canadian Cricket Captain – held record for fastest one day century at World Cup (67 balls versus West Indies)

Andy Utting

  • Former Australian Baseball Player (Silver medallist at 2004 Athens Olympics)
  • US minor league catcher
  • Centre of Excellence Fielding Coach

Matt Buckley

  • Former Australian Baseball Player (2000 Sydney Olympics)
  • US minor league short stop
  • Former Centre of Excellence Fielding Coach

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