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CMICA is a nationally-accredited, much-renowned private cricket and sports development academy in Australia. Spearheaded by coach and cricket icon Craig McDermott, CMICA is the cricket coaching school of choice of domestic and international aspiring cricketers today. Its professional, results-based, high-performance curriculum that combines sports development and practical cricket skills provide rapid development and prepare graduates for a career in the cricket industry.

For over 30 years, Coach McDermott played an instrumental role in helping players and teams achieve shining victories even in the most challenging circumstances. Now, he’s bringing all that learning and inspiration to the students of the Academy. With the wonderful relationships he formed with fellow professionals, Coach McDermott is also able to personally handpick first-class coaches to teach at the CMICA.

With first-rate facilities, state-of-the-art technology, a solid curriculum and the legends of cricket as coaches, CMICA students receive formal training and solid support for them to sharpen their game, pursue a career pathway in sports development and related fields and live their dreams.

But one warning: It still takes hard work. The choice is yours – work hard hoping you’re on the right track, or work hard knowing you’re on the right track. If you want to know more about how CMICA can help you, complete our short enquiry form now.

Craig McDermott

International player, coach and all-around cricket rockstar, Craig is the heart and brains behind CMICA. Craig has spearheaded some of the best winning moments in Australian cricket both as player and coach. His talent, insight, experience and love for the game has produced the brightest local and international cricketers in the country today.

Coaching Philosophy

Our coaching philosophy is the core reason why the Academy has been at the forefront of sports education throughout the years. We follow a systematic, proven, time-tested approach that has allowed players to grow to their full potential and achieve monumental feats.


Expert, experienced, system-based and compassionate coaching is the strength and backbone of the training process that students receive from CMICA. Expect no less than top-notch coaching when you’re mentored by the brightest names in cricket including Craig McDermott, Greg Chappell, Shane Watson, Stuart Law, Geoff Lawson, Ryan Harris, Nathan Lyon, John Davison, Ben McDermott, Peter Anderson, Gavin Fitness and more.

Facilities & Locations

The results of expert cricket coaching become much more amplified when students are trained within inspiring environments. That’s why CMICA classes and courses are situated in educational facilities, cricket grounds, fields and stadiums that are considered the best not just in Australia but the world.


Passion for the sport is a big reason why we wake up excited and filled with gratitude each day. We make it a point to sincerely recognize and celebrate the milestones of our young cricketers – it’s a great way to encourage them to be their best every time.


At CMICA, we pave the way to excellent cricketing through a focused, structured and facts-based path. We make use of tools and equipment, such as PitchVision technology which allows for accurate assessment of your performance based on key metrics, that make progress monitoring much sharper and more insightful.

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