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My time in cricket has given me the opportunity to play with and against some of the very best in the game, and to see some of the great coaches at work. Our coaching philosophy is shaped and developed by our experience. It’s based on proven best practices and processes that have been successfully implemented at international level that ensure that our students’ skills are developed in a systematic manner.

~Craig McDermott

With CMICA’s successful track record of producing the most promising cricketers in the community, we’re often asked: How do we do it? How do we deliver consistently great results?

Many factors can impact the path of a young, aspiring cricketer. But what we know for sure is that the quality of coaching they receive will have the biggest influence on their potential to enjoy future victories.

No hypes, no gimmicks; just focusing on what truly works.

Some of the basic principles of game haven’t changed since WG Grace in the late 1800s. Unfortunately some of the modern coaching methods ignore these principles.

CMICA focuses heavily on instilling the correct fundamentals in place. Performance is key but equally important is injury prevention.

Fuelling the fire to excel.

At CMICA, we believe in the saying: “Practice makes permanent – you get what you practice.”

Everything we do develops habits and habits can be very hard to break. We want to make sure that you develop good habits from the very beginning.

If we practice poorly, bad habits develop and performance suffers. Bad habits not only limit your performance but can lead to injuries which further derail your progress.

Some of the basic principles of game haven’t changed since WG Grace in the late 1800’s. Unfortunately some of the modern coaching ignores these principles.

Banking on discipline and solid framework.  

Sometimes a “quick fix” now leads to more serious problems down the track.

At CMICA, we aim to ensure that you develop your skills in a systematic manner that avoids the “quick fix” pitfall.

For you this means the earlier the corrections, the easier the transition, and the sooner you get to where you want to be.

Recognizing the opportunity to shape a life.

We know how much a coach can be a major influence on the life a young person. And we embrace that fact with honour and great responsibility. It’s an opportunity to be able to pass on what we’ve learned to new generations of cricket players.

At CMICA we see ourselves as coaches, teachers, partners and co-dream builders. Take what you’ve learned from the Academy as you play your best game, develop your skills, represent the country, explore the world, or simply make your life the best it can be. Look at the sidelines: we’ll always be there, cheering (and coaching) you on!

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“Thank you for the great program you are offering - Brayden has enjoyed the sessions thus far but importantly we can already see the benefit of his participation - both physical and social /emotional. I just wanted to extend our thanks and offer some positive feedback.”

Karen Hartley
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