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CMICA brings you PitchVision technology and the certainty of measurement to life with Pitch Maps just like on the TV.

Most of us look in the scorebook, pat ourselves on the back after a net session and go home not really knowing what needs work. Frustration often follows.

Finally there is a better way.

CMICA brings you PitchVision technology and the certainty of measurement to life with Pitch Maps just like on the TV

No more guessing line and length or consistency

Details of every ball bowled are available to review instantaneously on the laptop or online. Whether you are interested in detailed summaries or just want to add a competitive element to training. PV/ONE adds excitement and knowledge to any training session to enhance a player's ability and understanding of the game.

Your improvements over time can be tracked with direct comparison of session completed on different days.

The system is quick and easy to use and designed for players of all levels.

PV/ONE can be used in any cricket environment both indoors and out. The system is powered entirely by the laptop provided, which operate ball-tracking sensors. The system captures and sends feedback including Pace - Line - Length - Deviation - Bounce.

All this combined with PitchVision’s unique HD video feature, instantly edits and catalogues delivery clips.

You now have a tool which session by session identifies trends, strengths, weaknesses and establishes the relationship between the cause and effect with your technique and performance.

Please see the video below for a brief overview of PV/ONE and how it works.

Currently being used in 14 countries by a full spectrum of cricket users from clubs and schools

Including England, Cricket South Africa, Pace Bowling Australia, Pakistan, Surrey CCC, Essex CCC, Yorkshire CCC, NWCA, Hyderabad, Dubai Global Cricket Academy, Loughborough University, Cricket Ireland, Harrow School, Millfield School and Eton College


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“Thank you for the great program you are offering - Brayden has enjoyed the sessions thus far but importantly we can already see the benefit of his participation - both physical and social /emotional. I just wanted to extend our thanks and offer some positive feedback.”

Karen Hartley
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