Here's what our clients are saying about the Craig McDermott International Cricket Academy.

"I wish I had found ”CMICA” sooner, and hadn’t wasted so much time & money. It’s the best investment I’ve ever made."

--Michael Deller, Parent Sydney 2013

"I try not embarrass him as apparently that what parents do!!! Liam came out I last week’s session absolutely buzzing. Best bowling session ever was his comment! As a leggie he was so stoked with the session with Stuart MacGill...even turned down a batting session.."

--Nigel Clements (Brisbane Academy) 22/05/2013

"Oliver is really enjoying the course and learning so much; his comment after the first night – I’ve learnt more tonight than I did all of last season!"

--Julie Davies (Sydney Academy) 5/06/2013

"CMICA is always fun and challenging. You learn stuff you didn’t know and get to play at a higher standard so club cricket seems easier. My bowling has improved a lot - my action is better, I’m faster, more accurate and I’m getting more wickets. I’m also getting a lot more confident with my batting."

--Glen Turner (13) Nudgee, Brisbane 4 August 2013

"Whilst it’s wonderful to have the volunteers coach and train your children through club sport there is nothing like a true professional in their field to enhance the enjoyment and level of performance! The level of coaching and attention to everyone’s individual needs by both Simon and Craig has been second to none and my 12 year old son has learnt more in these past few weeks than in the past four years of playing cricket. Craig and Simon have corrected Oliver’s batting and bowling and we can’t wait for the cricket season to begin as I know there’s going to be an improved level of cricket this season. Having a trained nutritionist and sports psychologist was a real bonus and has helped Oliver put all this into perspective with his sport and playing performance. I can’t recommend them highly enough as it’s been money well spent."

--Julie Williams - Sydney

"Hi my name is Teague Moloney and Im a bowling allrounder. I attended the winter academy in Townsville and was amazed with the benefits with first class professionals. In a bowling sense Im able to bowl quicker and for a longer period of time, I have gained more consistency in my action and stock ball and have with the benefits of my fitness program have gained some added strength and muscular power. My batting has improved with more fluent movements and with continual hard work on improving my bat swing should show some results. Lastly my Fielding has dramatically improved with major benefits in a new throwing techniques and a better presence under the high ball. The highlights of the academy was working with Craig and Simon to continually help me improve my cricket. The access to guest coachesc such as Andrew Symonds, Graeme Hick and John Davidson was incredbly helpful with a different perspective in the game of cricket. Thank you for the opportunity to enroll in this academy."

--Teague Moloney (Townsville – 19 August 2013)

"During the 16 week Cricket Academy, my physical and mental game has improved. The drills, which were shown to us by the professional coaches, have developed my fielding and batting aspects of the game, as well as my bowling. Activities, such as real game scenarios, have helped me keep my skills up during the off season. Guests, who specialize in all areas of the game, used hands on activities that demonstrate the level needed to be a great cricketer. I have learned to concentrate in the nets, keeping a plan in order to practice how you play. Furthermore, the discipline needed to play the game is shown during the academy. The ‘full on’ warm – ups help to prevent any injury which could occur during training. I have also learned how to deal with the mental aspects of cricket. The psychologists are brought in to give you ‘an edge’ over adversaries. All round, this academy has taught me what is needed to be a good player, and given me a taste of fame."

--Gustav Spaleck (Townsville – 20 August 2013)

"Our son, a left arm fast bowler, was searching for the next phase of his cricket development when CMICA came along. Craig worked individually with him to enhance his natural abilities and importantly correct flaws in his technique. This has resulted in more control and pace. He now applies a more disciplined approach to his bowling and has found a new level of belief and confidence. Billy’s Cricket is a highly credible professional academy, which demands a pursuit of excellence and hard work by the cricketer. We recommend Billy’s Cricket Academy to anyone who wants to take their game to the next level or parents who just want to help their son or daughter chase a dream."

--Dave & Vicki Moloney (Townsville - 19 August, 2013)

"I read in the Herald of clinics Craig was running, but hesitated to send my son, as I had shelves of books and DVDs on how to play the game, and was already paying for ”top quality” coaching. Big mistake. I wish I had found CMICA sooner, and hadn’t wasted so much time & money. It’s the best investment I’ve ever made. The coaching is a quantum leap above the other coaching we have had, and really calls on the boys to commit to the course . It not only corrected flaws in technique it has helped Xander understand how to think cricket successfully. Right from the 1st session, Xander’s technique and mental approach, improved and he continues to improve with each session as the improvements become ingrained. If you aren’t being coached by CMICA , you are missing out!"

--Michael Deller (Sydney 2 August 2013)

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