At the CMICA (academies in Brisbane, Sydney, Ballina, Toowoomba, Townsville), we believe that cricket is a sport for all. That’s why we offer a wide range of cricket coaching frameworks to suit players of all levels and interests, from a 16-week academy programme, to masterclass camps to bowling clinics to one-on-one tuition and more. We also guide international and domestic students on undergoing the best cricket training they can get as they pursue their chosen degrees.

Endorsed by no less than Cricket Australia and the National Cricket Centre, our curriculum offers scientific, well-rounded and results-based coaching designed to guide cricketers to their chosen path, toward their full potential. Whether you want to further sharpen your cricketing skills as a personal passion, to truly excel in your school program or to make your dream of becoming a national representative come true, there’s a specific program for you here at CMICA. Explore our offerings or talk to us, so we can help select the option that’s right for you.

Masterclasses and Camps

Our cricket coaching programmes are delivered through 4 main tracks. The Academy Programme is a 16-week class focusing on solid fundamentals. Master Class Camps offer students a preview experience of one of our academy programmes. Bowling Clinics are one-off courses teaching the secrets to successful bowling. One-on-one Coaching Classes are geared to be tailored according to the individual needs of each player.


The Academy’s most sought-after programs are those that tie in with national accreditation and diplomas, offering a clear and focused pathway to university while you receive elite cricket coaching. Under the CMICA vocational programs, students can get access to the most reputable schools and cricket training facilities in NSW and Queensland. With CMICA, you acquire desired educational credits, learn from the best trainers and gain real-world employments skills – all at the same time.

International Students

CMICA works with TAFE Queensland and TAFE New South Wales to provide world-class cricket training and educational avenues to sports-oriented international students. Academic programmes include courses such as Diploma of Sport Development, Diploma of Fitness, Diploma of Sport Development and Diploma of Sport and Recreation at your chosen TAFE campus. To further build your cricketing skills and experience, CMICA will facilitate your placement in a locally competing Australian participant team.

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