Masterclasses and Camps

Be your bestthat’s our motto. CMICA is at the forefront of cricket education in Australia because we consider this motto our commitment. The achievements of our coaches and protégés speak for our results. For these fine young men and women, cricket is a way of life, an important part of the national identity. You too can be part of this elite community – if you’re ready to take on the work (and fun!) required.

Here at CMICA (academies in Brisbane, Sydney, Ballina, Toowoomba, Townsville), you don’t just learn the fundamentals – we help you build a strong foundation and love for the sport. You don’t just sharpen your skills – you acquire the determination and positive self-motivation needed to propel you to success. We help you discover your potential – and make sure that it reaches its full amplitude, and even beyond.


Open to: Aspiring cricketers, age 12 to 18 (with some flexibility)
Designed for young, aspiring players, this offers specialist cricket instruction on the key components of batting, bowling, wicket-keeping and fielding. Aside from teaching the fundamentals, the curriculum also includes a personalised player plan, sports psychology, physical preparation, nutrition and more. Training from top-level coaches and access to premium technology and facilities further take each player’s game to the next level.



Open to: international and domestic players
For players wanting to further accelerate their progress and experience playing at a global level, one-on-one coaching is the best path to take. The sessions are intensive and carefully structured to suit your specific needs and objectives. Lessons have a specialist focus, allowing the student to truly zoom in on the intricacies of each skill they need to train on and further develop.


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