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The Craig McDermott International Cricket Academy (CMICA) programme was designed to shape you into an international player as well as cultivate you to become the best one yet. Whether you’re an aspiring 12-year-old cricketer or an 18-year-old player, our programme has all the fundamental elements to mould you into a top-level cricketer.

The CMICA programme is based on the course implemented by the National Cricket Centre in Brisbane for Cricket Australia. It is a programme endorsed by both organisations.

What’s more, our top-notch cricket school offers some flexibility when it comes to the age of our students and we also allow shorter periods — as short as eight weeks — of training from time to time. But we do recommend the full 16 weeks of training.

Our 16 weeks of training provides the ideal reinforcement to help you develop new habits and gain maximum skills, every session each week.


The CMICA programme’s specialist cricket instruction will focus on the following key components for every one 3-hour session per week:

  • Battling We help you develop the appropriate technique, on running between wickets, innings building and game assessment.

  • Bowling Here you’ll learn proper pace and spin; to apply safe effective actions; to use stock ball, do variations and assess batsmen.

  • Fielding Master throwing technique, body position and catching.

  • Wicketkeeping Move with the heartbeat of your team; develop footwork, glovework and advance as a leader on the field.

From battling to bowling to fielding, our expert cricket coaching proceeds to develop players through goal setting, pre-session planning and post-session review.

  • Individual Player Plan (IPP) 
    Coaches and players will identify the following:

    • Current strengths and weaknesses

    • Specific goals for development during training

    • Progression, with reviews at the end of training and goals for the current seasons

  • Training Diary

    This method allows you to adapt our “practice with purpose” culture, which reinforces our motto: Be your best.

  • Video Analysis

    Delivered online, your initial video assessment with one other review later on helps us track your progress. This is applied for bowling and battling.

player plan


The CMICA programme is designed for young cricketers at the age of 12 through older ones at the age of 18 (with some flexibility).

Each academy will have eight world-class guest coaches, every second week. Craig McDermott, as the founder, will be in attendance for most sessions.

For our winter sessions, we had the following guest coaches in Brisbane:


Week Coach Week Coach
1 Ryan Harris 10 Stuart Law
4 John Davison 12 John Davison
6 Matthew Mott 14 Greg Chappel
8 Greg Chappel 14 Ryan Harris

Alan Border Field

Alan Border Field is the home of Queensland Cricket and the newly opened, 29 million dollar Australian National Cricket Centre, and facilities are arguably the best in the world.

Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG)

The Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) is the home of New South Wales Cricket and one of Australia’s premier and most famous cricket grounds. The historic SCG celebrated its 100th cricket Test in 2012.

Blacktown International Sportspark

Developed as a major playing and training venue for the 2000 Olympics, The Blacktown International Sportspark is the sporting hub for Western Sydney, boasting world class facilities.

Tony Ireland Stadium

The Tony Ireland Stadium is an international standard cricket stadium in Thuringowa Central, Townsville, Australia. The stadium is a part of the Riverway sporting and cultural complex.


Video Analysis

Players will receive an initial video assessment along with at least one review later in the programme. This will apply to both batting and bowling. This is delivered via a web-based online platform.

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“Thank you for the great program you are offering - Brayden has enjoyed the sessions thus far but importantly we can already see the benefit of his participation - both physical and social /emotional. I just wanted to extend our thanks and offer some positive feedback.”

Karen Hartley
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