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Open to ages from 10 through 18 years, CMICA’s Master Class Camps are mini-academies that give you a glimpse of what our academy programmes have to offer.

Consider it as the beginning of your formal training toward a professional career in cricket.

The Master Classes deliver brilliant instruction from experts in their discipline. You’ll be taught about batting, pace bowling, spinbowling, keeping, and fielding. And in time, you’ll also master these moves.

Much like any class, expect our Master Classes to be structured with sessions designed to maximise each minute of every hour. But unlike a traditional class, our Master Classes intend to engage your mental and physical capabilities.

Here’s how it works:

Morning Session:

Morning classes for our cricket clinics run for roughly an hour. They combine theoretical presentations with physical instruction and/or correction.

With each Master Class, you will have the opportunity to understand the fundamentals on batting, spinning or pacing, and wicket keeping or fielding, giving you sufficient foundation to play the game at your very best.

Afternoon Session:

As the day winds down, you get to practice the theories the morning session presented. Indeed, here is where net sessions and/or games take place.

You will also gather further instruction as you are put through the paces. Learn from our prominent guest coaches, the likes of John Davidson and Ian Healy. Of course, no Master Class is complete without the guidance of Craig McDermott, who will be in attendance for most of the classes. Note though that not all guest coaches may stay on for the afternoon session.

A typical cricket camp schedule may play out as below, with the following coaches:

Daily Master Class Schedule

9.00am Master Class - Spin or Pace
10.10am Master Class - Batting
11.20am Master Class - Wicket keeping / Fielding
12.30pm Lunch
1.00pm Net Session or Game
3.00pm Finish

Master Class


Pace Craig McDermott
Spin John Davison
Batting Stuart Law
All Rounder Andrew Symonds
Wicket keeping Ian Healy
Fielding John Davison
  Andy Utting

The CMICA programme is designed for young cricketers at the age of 12 through older ones at the age of 18 (with some flexibility).

Each academy will have eight world-class guest coaches, every second week. Craig McDermott, as the founder, will be in attendance for most sessions.

For our winter sessions, we had the following guest coaches in Brisbane:

Week Coach Week Coach
1 Ryan Harris 10 Stuart Law
4 John Davison 12 John Davison
6 Matthew Mott 14 Greg Chappel
8 Greg Chappel 14 Ryan Harris

Alan Border Field

Alan Border Field is the home of Queensland Cricket and the newly opened, 29 million dollar Australian National Cricket Centre, and facilities are arguably the best in the world.

Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG)

The Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) is the home of New South Wales Cricket and one of Australia’s premier and most famous cricket grounds. The historic SCG celebrated its 100th cricket Test in 2012.

Blacktown International Sportspark

Developed as a major playing and training venue for the 2000 Olympics, The Blacktown International Sportspark is the sporting hub for Western Sydney, boasting world class facilities.

Tony Ireland Stadium

The Tony Ireland Stadium is an international standard cricket stadium in Thuringowa Central, Townsville, Australia. The stadium is a part of the Riverway sporting and cultural complex.

Kerrydale Oval

Kerrydale Oval located at Robina on the Gold Coast, is the home ground of the Gold Coast District Cricket Club. Adjacent to the Robina Town Centre, Kerrydale boasts a picturesque oval and surrounds.

Maroochydore Cricket Club

The Maroochydore Cricket Club is the home of cricket on Queensland's magnificent Sunshine Coast.

Players will receive an initial video assessment along with at least one review later in the programme. This will apply to both batting and bowling. This is delivered via a web-based online platform.

To enroll, please click the “Apply Now” button below and fill in your details, and we will get back to you shortly. We hope to see you soon.

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“Thank you for the great program you are offering - Brayden has enjoyed the sessions thus far but importantly we can already see the benefit of his participation - both physical and social /emotional. I just wanted to extend our thanks and offer some positive feedback.”

Karen Hartley
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